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Alison D'Agostino, Founder

Alison was first introduced to yoga as a young girl watching her mother practice in front of the TV to the Lillias, Yoga and You show on PBS. She then experienced it in high school where it was incorporated into her gym class curriculum. Alison truly fell in love with yoga in 2003 when she became ill with an undiagnosed disease that later turned out to be advanced Lyme disease. Yoga helped her manage her symptoms of Lyme, including the arthritis in her back and a pre-existing neck injury. Without her practice, many aches and pains return. Yoga has helped keep her body, mind and spirit in alignment and balanced; and she strives to bring the same benefits to her students. Alison completed her initial 300 hour training through Samadhi Sun, she received her certification in autism training with Samadhi Spectrum and has completed the children’s Get Grounded Level 1 training. She previously served as Director of Marketing and Fundraising for Ashrams for Autism, a charitable organization that brings yoga and wellness into the autistic community and their families. She left there to further her training and received her advanced 500 hour certification through Laughing Lotus in NYC

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